Who may enter

The Sequested Prize is open to all and designed to support those who are working to establish or continue in a professional art career. The prize will be in the form of a prominent selling show in Central London for the 15 winners providing an opportunity for them to develop their professional careers. You can enter the competition if you're aged 18 years and above, live in the UK or are UK-based (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. It also includes the Republic of Ireland).

Submission process
You need to register, pay the fee contribution, and complete your self-portrait and submit it digitally by 1st of September  for judging.  Artists may enter as many entries as they wish.

What are the deadlines for the competition?
You have until  the 1st of September 2020.

Make your fee contribution, finish your work and submit it. 

Further dates TBC
Please note some of the judging dates may be subject to change given the uncertainty of Covid-19. Selected artists will be kept informed.

How many images can I upload of my final work by 1st September 2020?
You may submit a maximum of two images in that one submission. 

What size can the work be?
A maximum of 1.5m in either direction, by no more than 5cm thick. 

What is the prize?
15 winners will take part in a selling group show of their self-portraits at Tristan Hoare Gallery. All entries are judged over a two-stage selection process by our panel of judges. 

How much does it cost to enter?
£10 inclusive of VAT and is non-refundable.

Why is the contribution £10?
The entry contribution helps to finance The Sequested Prize, whilst also helping to employ the very same freelance creatives that are currently without an income, to facilitate it over the coming months.  The Sequested Prize could not go ahead without this contribution. 

Can my work be a collaboration with another artist, or artists?
Yes, but please note that an artist or collaborative artists may only submit a maximum of one work in total, per entry, although as a single collective, they may submit more than once.  All collaborative artists must be living or professionally based in the UK.

Can I submit photographs, iPad drawings or film?

What is the entry requirement?
Your submission must be wholly or partly executed in any painted, drawing, collage or ceramic  medium , textiles etc. and designed to hang on or be fixed to a wall, within the dimensions stated. Photography, iPad drawings or film are not accepted. 

How many images can I upload?
You can upload a maximum of two images. One of these must show the complete (whole) work. An optional detail image of the work may be submitted.

Do I have to frame my work?
No, you do not have to be framed. If you regard the frame as an integral part of the work, and therefore would like it listed as part of the works media, you must say so.

Can I enter diptychs/triptychs as one work?
Yes, but the overall size must not exceed 1.5m x1.5m. The depth must not exceed 5cm.

How recent does the work need to be?
Only work that is dated since the beginning of April 2020 will be eligible. This is a prize for work made now. 

What happens in Stage 1?
The jury views and discusses the entries from the digital image submitted. During the Stage 1 process, the jury shortlists the works that are to progress through to Stage 2.

Can I have feedback if my work is not selected?
No. We regret that we are unable to provide feedback at any stage of the competition.

How do I know if I’ve made it to Stage 2
Artists will be notified by email if they have been successful to Stage 2. We regret we cannot respond to individual enquiries. 

If I make it to Stage 2, do I have to bring my work to London?
Yes, the judges will need to see your work in person. Please note that carriage and return of entries not chosen for final exhibition will be the sole responsibility of the artist.  

Does my work need to be for sale?

Yes.  All work has to be available for purchase from Stage 2 through to the end of the exhibition period. By entering the competition, you are agreeing to this requirement. If selected for the exhibition, you will be party to a commercial agreement to exclusively undertake all sales of shortlisted paintings in the exhibition and that a contribution commission of 20% from the sale of your work will be taken. Half of this will be donated to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Rapid Response fund , the remainder to fund the cost of the exhibition. No commission will be taken by the gallery.  Your pricing should include  VAT being removed upon sale by the gallery. Please consider these costs before you price your painting during the entry process.


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